Hospitality & Player Facilities

F3 worked closely with the NFL to design and deliver their hospitality and player facilities within the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The dedicated player areas include a super-sized 515 sqm home locker room and elite sports facilities, including a hydrotherapy room, as well as away team, coaching staff and cheerleader amenities. We developed a unique NFL x THFC Stadium brand, using an abstracted pitch markings design to give the NFL areas an identity while remaining brand-neutral to suit all visiting teams. Players and coaches who played the 2019 London Games have said that these facilities are as good, if not better, than anything they have got in the States.

The NFL Suite is the Commissioner’s box which was designed using the unique brand developed for the player areas, but elevated to premium hospitality level using a palette of rich bronze, dark stone and textured fabrics. The Lower East Side is the NFL’s answer to Tottenham’s Tunnel Club, offering fans an up close and personal experience as players come through the bar at half and full time. The double-height space delivers a contemporary, industrial sports bar aesthetic and is designed to celebrate the fanfare of the NFL.